Lacquered doors

MDF board, 19 mm or 22 mm thick, mainly with melamine backing.


Front face is covered with three coats of polyester primer, two coats of polyurethane paint, plus two coats of acrylic or polyacrylic lacquer, depending on the finish. The back side is covered with a coat of polyurethane paint.

Characteristics físico-mecánicas
Density (Kg / m3) for guidance 820 EN 323
Tensile strength (N / mm2) 0.7 EN 319
Swelling (% 2h water) 10 EN 317
Flexural strength (N / mm2) 18 EN 310
Surface traction (N / mm2) 1.2 EN 311
Modulus of elasticity (N / mm2) 2100 EN 310
Residual humidity (%) 11-4 EN 322
Content formaldehyde (mg / 100g) E1 EN 120
Abrasion resistance IP < 50 EN 14323
Scratch resistance > 1.5N EN 14323
Resistance to cracking > grado 4 EN 14323
Resistance to stain > grado 4 EN 14323


Cleaning and use

Do not subject the parts to external conditions of humidity and / or high temperatures. Clean them with a dry cloth or moistened with water with neutral liquid detergent, rinse them and dry them very well; avoid the use of abrasive products or products containing alcohol or solvents (acetone, trichlorethylene, nitroderivatives or ammonia), or stainless steel scouring pads.


Our doors have passed rigorous tests, in the most adverse conditions, which guarantee the quality of our products. So we guarantee all our products for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect or hidden defects committing to its replacement without charges.

Are expressly excluded from this guarantee and any liability for any direct or indirect damage to persons or things, faults or defects caused by improper handling or storage conditions